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"I have worked through all of your 'Simply Listen and Play' CDs and found them great and as a result I have gone on to find a piano teacher that will help me read the music and continue to learn.

So a very sincere thanks Chris."

- Wendy in Echuca


"For many years I have wanted to learn a musical instrument but I felt that I 'missed the boat' being 64 years of age.

My wife rang me quite excitedly one day to tell me that she heard of Chris Shillabeer who had been speaking on a radio interview about a way of learning to play the piano/keyboard without sheet music.

This was a great joy to me to receive the C.D. and started lessons at home.

The tunes Chris taught were familiar to me so I really enjoyed the practice and to be able to play.

Looking forward to receiving the next C.D. with new familiar tunes."

- Bob Partington


"I bought a copy of your CD 'Simply Listen and Play' a few months ago from the Royal Society for the Blind and I am writing to thank you for its production. It has restored to me the 'joy of making music'.

Because of macular degeneration, I can no longer read sheet music, and as the violin was my instrument, I viewed the keyboard with some apprehension! but no worries with your kind help.

I look forward to the second progressive CD, 'Congratulations' on your wonderful idea.

Best Wishes"

- Dorothy Bamforth


"I am an octogenarian who has nurtured a keen interest in what I term 'melodic' music but have never attempted to practise the art of playing, until now. I not only enjoy the sounds but appreciate the opportunity to legitimately sit down whilst enjoying and/or playing it.

I have now travelled about nine months along the path of learning to play the keyboard and while making some progress I must say my interest, and capability, have been stimulated by 'Simply Listen and Play'...

It is an excellent medium for learners like me and I look forward to the opportunity to extend my enjoyment of music generally and its arrangement by 'Simply Listen and Play', with the arrival of the next disc.

Thank you for helping me, and keep up the good work."

- Laurie Draper


"My name is Ted Thorburn and I have been blind for twenty plus years.

Music has been in my life since I was a child having family get together where everyone joined in either playing the accordion, guitar, harmonica, spoons and the old tea chest bass. A friend introduced me to the electronic keyboard at the tender age of 54 and that was the beginning of my musical sojourn.

I discovered Chris Shillabeer’s ‘Simply Listen and Play’ tutorials and the lessons were exactly what I was after, very basic explanation of notes, chord combinations and an overall explanation of the keyboard itself.

I believe that the lessons provided by Chris would be useful to any beginner who is wanting to play music and not particularly interested to learn to read music. The lessons are simple and straight forward and each song learnt introduces a new chord.

I recommend the Simply Listen and Play CD’s to anyone who is seriously considering learning to play the keyboard."

- Ted Thorburn

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